Leave A Lasting Impression On The Last Place You Leave

The last place your body ever leaves is a funeral home. Funeral homes leave a lasting impression on the living while the deceased leave. For all the funeral homes you will ever enter, what strikes you as the most impressive of funeral homes? Were they light and airy, always smelling of sweetness and spice, and never of death? Did they glow with peace and promise, or were they drab and dreary? If you had a choice, which funeral home would you want your body to be shown in? These are good questions all, and ones to consider when you are designing the interior of your funeral home and business.

Funeral Homes Are More for the Living Than the Dead

Most often, funeral home owners and directors design their homes and parlors around death, not life. That is often where they go wrong. These places may be about death, but they are meant for the living. You could show a body just about anywhere, and the deceased would not mind. It is the living that stand on the formality of places to say goodbye to family and friends. Therefore, start by designing your funeral home for the living.

Choose Brightness and Modernity

Too many funeral homes were built decades ago, and rather than keep up with the times, they still sport dark wood beams and ugly-colored carpet. The chairs always look like cast-offs from your dentist's office, and the lack of windows and natural light makes the whole of the viewing rooms look gloomy at best, sinister at worst. Despite the sorrow that the living feel when they are present, these drab and forgotten funeral homes could make the dead cry.

Instead, redecorate with the help of some funeral home interior design services. As the decorator to change things up with brightness and modernity. Toss out the antiquated look for what is new, clean, and bright. Avoid white because it looks like a hospital room, but choose other light and bright colors in its place. Get newer, more comfortable chairs that provide some comfort while visitors sit through the eulogies and/or services. Your decorator will know exactly what you want if you describe it to him/her.

Add "Comfort" Rooms

If you currently do not have rooms in which family can cry in private (as some families are wont to do), consider renovating your funeral home to provide these rooms. Some family members cannot hold it together through an entire wake, eulogy, and service, but they do not want to interrupt the events for others. Comfort rooms give visitors a place to go when they need to let it all out and do not want to be the center of attention.

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