4 Easy Ways To Customize A Funeral Service

A funeral is not always something you plan for. Sometimes, you lose someone unexpectedly, and you only have a few days to figure out exactly how you want to memorialize them. A funeral director will likely have some preplanned funeral services that you can start with, but you'll surely want to add a few personalized touches to ensure the service is one your deceased loved one would have wanted. Here are a few easy ways to do just that. [Read More]

Can You Plan Your Own Funeral Service? Yes You Can — And You Should!

Many people don't think about funerals often. Having to go to one unexpectedly is hard enough, so it may feel weird to talk about or even think about your own funeral. But you may be wondering if you can plan your own funeral service. The answer is yes, and it's actually recommended that you do so! Not doing your own planning means others will have to make difficult choices after you die. [Read More]

Save Your Loved Ones the Headache: Planning for Your Final Resting Place

Whenever someone passes, it can be incredibly difficult on the remaining loves ones. The heartache that comes with dealing with the death of a loved one, coupled with the problems associated with planning out a funeral, can be overwhelming. This is why some people decide to pre-plan out their funeral services and arrangements. While it might not be something that you want to think about, it is certainly considerate for your family. [Read More]

Making Your Final Arrangements? 4 Reasons To Choose Direct Cremation

If you're in the process of making your burial arrangements, and you've decided to be cremated, you need to consider direct cremation. Many people are unaware that there are different types of cremation services available. The two most common are traditional cremation and direct cremation. If you plan to have a funeral, you'll want to choose a traditional cremation. However, if you're not planning a funeral, a direct cremation may be better suited for you. [Read More]