3 Questions To Ask When Selecting Funeral Attire For A Departed Loved One

When someone you love passes away and did not have a plan in place for their funeral, you could be left making a lot of decisions on their behalf about the service. One of the decisions that will come up if you have an open casket funeral service is what you would like your departed loved one to wear. This can be a tough decision to make, but it is one that you can make logically with a little advice and direction. [Read More]

Alternative Locations For An Amazing Celebration Of Life Gathering

If a friend or family member just passed away and you are looking for an alternative to having a traditional funeral at a church or a funeral home, then you will be pleased to learn that you have many other options. The best way to choose a location for a celebration of life gathering is to start the process by thinking about what the deceased was passionate about and where they enjoyed spending time. [Read More]

Try Not To Take Offense At These Situations You May Encounter During A Funeral

A funeral service is an opportunity for friends and family of the deceased to mourn together, but it can also potentially lead to conflicts. Because people are under stress, they may get triggered easily, and the result can be anger at those around them — and often for things that can be considered simple misunderstandings. If you know that you're the type of person who can occasionally get aggravated at others and may even blow things out of proportion, it's important to try to stay balanced during a funeral. [Read More]

Themes To Consider Focusing On When You Deliver A Eulogy

When you deliver a eulogy at a funeral, you should do more than just simply give a chronological account of the person's life. While the eulogy should certainly include biological elements, the best eulogies also have a theme that is referenced throughout. As you sit down at your computer to begin making notes that will eventually turn into the eulogy, it's valuable to consider a theme. With this theme in mind, you can tailor the content accordingly so that as many details and anecdotes as possible support the theme. [Read More]