How Much Should You Spend On Funeral Services?

Like all things in life, how much you want to spend on a funeral depends on your budget. Everyone wants the funeral of their loved one to be special, but there are a lot of factors to consider, such as:


The cost of real estate varies depending on city or even neighborhood. You probably didn't consider that a grave is a piece of real estate. The average price of a grave is $1000, not including fees, but depending on the city these costs could be much higher. Some people even pay thousands of dollars to be buried in an exclusive or sought after cemetery.


The average cost of a casket is $2000 dollars, but some people pay up to 10,000 dollars for a casket depending on the kind of wood and lining. If you need a larger than average size casket for your loved one, this will also increase the cost of the casket and therefore the grave space.

Funeral Director Fees

A funeral director is your best resource when trying to plan a funeral. They probably have years of experience, so they can effortlessly guide you through the funeral process. They can also be there for you to provide emotional support. A funeral director handles everything from communicating with vendors to embalming the body, so you'll have a lot less to worry about with a funeral director working with you. A basic funeral director fee should be around $1,500, not including embalming and hearse fees.


The costs of a ceremony can vary greatly depending on where you decide to hold the service. Funeral homes, churches, or your home are all budget-friendly options. Depending on what you add to the service, like music or flowers, your ceremony should cost about $1,000.


Headstones can be pretty pricey. The average headstone is about $2,000. If you're getting a headstone for a couple or a family, these are more expensive. Depending on the material used to make the headstone, it could cost upwards of $10,000.

Other Fees

There are lots of other unexpected fees you'll have to face. You'll have to pay for the hearse, obituary, death certificate, and embalming, among other things. They shouldn't add up to more than a few hundred dollars though.

When you need to plan a funeral, you have a lot of options, so you can personalize your funeral according to your budget. Let your funeral director help you make smart funeral decisions.