3 Reasons To Buy A Flat Grave Marker

Grave markers play an important role in helping people identify a person's final resting place. Most grave markers also help passersby to learn something about the deceased. Grave markers come in a wide range of colors, shapes, and profiles.

Don't make the mistake of thinking that you need to invest in a large, upright grave marker. A flat marker can offer many benefits that are sure to contribute to the overall aesthetic of your gravesite for many years.

1. Affordable

Grave markers are made from durable materials that are capable of withstanding the test of time. These materials, like marble and slate, can be quite costly.

A flat grave marker requires fewer materials to manufacture. As a result, flat grave markers tend to be much more affordable than their larger, upright counterparts. The affordability of a flat marker can help to reduce the financial burdens associated with death. Whether you are choosing to pay for your own grave marker or your loved ones will be purchasing the marker after your passing, a flat gravestone can help minimize costs.

2. Easy Maintenance

Cemetery personnel are charged with maintaining the landscape inside of the cemetery fence. Mowing the grass is one of the major responsibilities the groundskeepers perform on a regular basis. Due to the expansive nature of most modern cemeteries, a riding mower is used to cut the grass. It can be challenging to navigate a riding mower around upright grave markers. As a result, upright markers can start to look a bit overgrown at times. A flat grave marker lies flush with the ground, allowing a groundskeeper to simply drive over the top. No additional trimming or maintenance is required to keep a flat grave marker neat.

3. Less Vandalism

It's unfortunate that some people view a cemetery as a place to vandalize. In the event that your final resting place is in a cemetery that is targeted by vandals, a flat grave marker will be less conspicuous. Flat markers are less likely to be targets of vandalism than upright grave markers. By investing in a flat marker, you can spare your loved ones the task of having to clean graffiti off your gravestone in the future.

Flat grave markers are often thought of as a bit plain. This isn't true. A flat grave marker can contain as much detail and decorative embellishment as an upright marker. Consider marking your grave with a flat grave marker.