4 Tips For Planning A Memorable Memorial Service

If you have been chosen as the individual to plan and host a memorial service for a loved one that has recently passed, you may be feeling overwhelmed. This is an important task and you want to ensure that you do it right. A memorial is the opportunity for all loved ones to say goodbye and honor the individual that they have lost. While you don't have to do the planning alone, here are a few tips that will help you get started on planning a memorial service that will be remembered by all those involved.

Tip #1: Selecting a Theme

Your first step in the planning process is deciding on a theme for the service. How will or should the deceased be remembered? Some options include:

  • His or her devotion to his or her family
  • His or her active lifestyle
  • His or her love for music
  • His or her dedication to charity

It all depends on the individual and the theme can be reflected in the décor, music, location, etc.

Tip #2: Choosing a Location

If you want to be traditional with the location, you will want to hold the memorial in a funeral home, church or a home (such as the deceased home's or the home of a loved one). Ultimately, the location will be chosen based on the number of people that will attend the memorial.

Now, if the deceased did not have a religious affiliation, then you may want to consider alternative locations, especially those that reflect his or her interests or personality. For example, if he or she enjoyed the outdoors and nature, you may want to consider holding the memorial in a local garden or park.

Tip #3:  Create a Memory Table

Since this is a time to honor the deceased, you may want to consider creating a table or space that displays special objects and/or photographs that reflect the personality of the lost loved one. You can reach out to the deceased's closest family members and friends to make contributions to the memory table.

Tip #4: Plan a Reception

As a general rule, there will be a reception after the memorial. This is often held at a restaurant, private home, community center, park, or any other convenient location. You can opt to offer simply refreshments or more elaborate ones. You could also make it a potluck. Whatever the case may be, make certain that all guests are aware of the time, location and what is expected of them.

This is just a few things that you need to do when planning a memorial service. If you need help with the planning process, don't hesitate to contact a service to help you. For more information, contact establishments like Ruhkala Monument.