Themes To Consider Focusing On When You Deliver A Eulogy

When you deliver a eulogy at a funeral, you should do more than just simply give a chronological account of the person's life. While the eulogy should certainly include biological elements, the best eulogies also have a theme that is referenced throughout. As you sit down at your computer to begin making notes that will eventually turn into the eulogy, it's valuable to consider a theme. With this theme in mind, you can tailor the content accordingly so that as many details and anecdotes as possible support the theme. Here are some themes that you might wish to use.


If the person led a selfless life, keeping this theme in mind as you write the eulogy can be effective. This is a quality that many people will appreciate, and you should have no trouble coming up with examples that you can share to support this theme. For example, the person may have had a lucrative job offer, but decided to instead forgo her career in favor of staying home to raise children. Or, the person may have had a passion for playing golf, but instead decided to take a second job on the weekend to provide more money for the family.


Bravery is another theme that you can build the eulogy around. Talk about the times that the person's bravery was apparent. Because this theme is broad, you'll be able to ideally cite a variety of anecdotes from various times in the person's life. For example, you could talk about the person serving his or her country in the military, despite the risk of doing so. Or, you could share how the person took a courageous approach to fighting the illness that would eventually claim his or her life, inspiring many family members and friends in the process.

Sense Of Humor

For some people who have passed away, talking about their sense of humor is the perfect theme for the eulogy. You'll have to think carefully about using this theme, though. Even though every death is sad, this is a poor choice if the person died young. However, if the person lived to an old age and people are celebrating his or her life as much as mourning the death, sense of humor can be an effective eulogy theme. You'll be able to tell a variety of funny stories about your interactions with the person over the years, and you may wish to reach out to other individuals to get anecdotes to include, too. 

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