Try Not To Take Offense At These Situations You May Encounter During A Funeral

A funeral service is an opportunity for friends and family of the deceased to mourn together, but it can also potentially lead to conflicts. Because people are under stress, they may get triggered easily, and the result can be anger at those around them — and often for things that can be considered simple misunderstandings. If you know that you're the type of person who can occasionally get aggravated at others and may even blow things out of proportion, it's important to try to stay balanced during a funeral. Try not to get offended by the following situations.

Someone Not Grieving In An "Appropriate" Manner

It's important to remember that people grieve in a variety of manners. Knowing this fact, you should remember that just because you see someone grieving in a way that is different from you, this doesn't mean that the person is being disrespectful. For example, you might feel that it's appropriate to keep quiet other than a few sobs. Someone else, meanwhile, may grieve by telling stories about the deceased person and may even laugh about some of these anecdotes. This action doesn't imply disrespect, so it's important to respect all manners of grieving.

Dressing In A Different Way

Don't let the way that a funeral attendee dresses upset you and lead to a conflict. While you might have your own idea of what is appropriate at a funeral, not everyone will share this belief. For example, while black and understated attire is commonplace, funeral etiquette has changed over the years to the point that people doesn't necessarily need to dress in black. Additionally, if someone dresses too casually in your mind, it may be because he or she doesn't have the money for formal attire. Keep these facts in mind to avoid taking offense with others at the funeral.

Breaching Of Funeral Etiquette

Not everyone knows every rule of funeral etiquette. If someone breaks one of these rules, it's not the end of the world — and certainly not a reason for you to get upset or offended under the belief that the person is being disrespectful. For example, if someone shows up with flowers when the obituary specified no flowers, it's probable that the person simply overlooked this fact, rather than deliberately chose to ignore the wishes outlined in the obituary. By trying your best not to get offended about matters that are truly trivial, you'll reduce the risk of conflicts with those around you during a time that is already challenging.

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