Five Funeral Flower Ideas That Show Dignity To The Deceased

At a time of loss, it is common to send flowers to the funeral home or the family of the deceased. What are you planning to order? Use the following suggestions to narrow-down your options and select the most-fitting floral display to show dignity and honor the person that has passed.

Five funeral flower ideas are:

1.A memorial book. Ask your florist about a container or vase that resembles a book or bible. The flowers may appear to be blooming from the pages, which is perfect to honor someone that had a love of reading or that was a spiritual person during life. These are simple, tabletop displays that are fine for both funeral services or gifting the surviving family.

2.A special motif. Florists can often create a motif or monogram from flowers, such as the family name or a religious cross. These are made similarly to wreaths, using wire and covering it with blooms and greenery. Since these are larger, custom pieces, these may be less suitable for sending as a gift but are a great token for the service or gravesite.

3.Presentation bouquets. Another suggestion is to order a simple presentation bouquet, boxed and tied with ribbon. These are a welcome gift when they arrive at the family's door with a thoughtful note, but also can be taken in-hand to the service or grave. Leave the bouquet on the casket or on the site of interment.

4.Tasteful wreaths. Send the family a tasteful wreath, such as a balsam wreath in winter or a dried flower wreath in spring. Or, order a funeral wreath and wire-stand to be placed on the floor during the service and at the gravesite during the burial. Florists will be able to give price quotes and flower options to interested consumers.

5.A casket spray. If you want something big and splashy, send a casket spray of roses, carnations, or lilies to the funeral home that is handling the arrangements. This will be placed directly on the casket during the service, and typically in front of the headstone at the gravesite. These are quite magnificent, and usually cost a bit more depending on the types of flowers that you choose.

Speak with florists and funeral directors about the best arrangements for the service or send a gift to the home of the deceased's family. This can mean a lot at a time of sadness and will bring a bit of beauty to their home when it is not uncommon to have a lot of visitors and guests. Use these tips to figure out the best floral display to order, as well as what your other options may be.