4 Easy Ways To Customize A Funeral Service

A funeral is not always something you plan for. Sometimes, you lose someone unexpectedly, and you only have a few days to figure out exactly how you want to memorialize them. A funeral director will likely have some preplanned funeral services that you can start with, but you'll surely want to add a few personalized touches to ensure the service is one your deceased loved one would have wanted. Here are a few easy ways to do just that.

Play their favorite song.

Play your loved one's favorite song while everyone is filing in for the service. This does not have to be a formal song, either. These days, funerals are becoming more casual, so if the deceased absolutely loved Nirvana's "Nevermind" or Semisonic's "Closing Time," you can go outside the box and play those tunes. If the song is upbeat, it might actually help people focus on the good times rather than their sadness, which can be nice.

Invite a few people to speak. 

As much as you might have to say about your deceased loved one, getting it all out at a formal event can be tough. See if a few other people are interested in speaking at the funeral. If everyone can speak for just two or three minutes — perhaps sharing a memory or two — you'll end up with a more thorough collection of memories and thoughts from more perspectives.

Dress to a theme.

Did your deceased loved one love Star Wars? Or maybe they were absolutely obsessed with Game of Thrones. You can let attendees know that the funeral is themed and ask them to dress for the occasion. Not everyone will, but for some people, grabbing that lightsaber or donning a big, furry robe will be a great way for them to connect and memorialize the deceased.

Send an item home.

See if you can get together a little favor for everyone. This can be something as simple as a stuffed animal, an etched wine glass, or even a box of the deceased's favorite candy. Party favors are not really traditional at funerals, but they are a fun way to lighten the mood at the end and also give attendees something to remember their loved one by.

When a loved one dies suddenly, you may not have the time to write a complete, custom funeral service. However, you can make a few different changes resulting in a unique event. Reach out to funeral homes for more ideas.