Holding A Funeral For A Cremated Loved One

Holding a funeral for a loved one is both an emotional and rewarding experience. You'll feel the pain of the loss each time you sit down to make funeral plans, but you'll feel good about helping to celebrate the memory of your loved one. Here are a few tips you can use when planning for your cremated loved one's funeral:

Renting a Casket

Your loved one can be displayed in a traditional casket during the funeral and then cremated afterward, which is the option to choose if guests will expect to view the body. If you're holding a closed casket funeral, you can have your loved one cremated beforehand and keep them in their cremation casket during the funeral. If your loved one's ashes won't be buried in the ground, rent the traditional casket instead of buying it. The money saved can be used to purchase flowers, décor, food, and the printing of your funeral programs.

Resting the Ashes

It's important to determine how the ashes will be rested so you can properly incorporate the process into the funeral. If your loved one's ashes will be buried, you can bury them during the actual funeral itself.

If they'll be distributed on the land or in the water or air somewhere, you may need to arrange to have guests transported to the distribution site after the funeral takes place. Alternatively, you can schedule the resting of the ashes days after the actual funeral takes place to ensure that everyone who wants to attend has the opportunity to plan for their own transportation.

Creating a Memorial

Whether your loved one's ashes will be buried in a graveyard or spread freely somewhere on earth, consider creating a memorial for them in a central location where all of their friends and family members can go to mourn, remember, and honor them as time goes on.

Choose a headstone, statue, or even a plaque to commemorate the life of your loved one and have it installed in a graveyard or park. Make sure the plot you purchase or rent is big enough to accommodate flowers and keepsakes that family members and friends might want to leave throughout the years. Unveil the memorial during the funeral to christen it and so everyone knows exactly where to find it.

With the help of these tips and tricks, you should be able to put together a successful funeral service that honors your loved one's memory and make every guest feel good about their participation.