Pre-Planning Your Cremation: Ideas For Your Cremains

Once making the final decision to be cremated once you've passed away, you've got some tasks to do in order to ensure that your cremation is done without putting too much burden on your loved ones. A major decision to make will be about where your cremains will go. While some allow their families to make this decision, you may want to consider the possibilities below and choose one of them:

Traditional Burial

You might not even think it is possible to have a traditional burial if you are cremated, but it is certainly something that you can do. Your remains are likely to be put into a container of your choice and put into the ground. This option is for those who have children and relatives who would like to visit a burial site over the years and like the idea of always knowing where to go when they want to pay their respects.

A Family Member's Home

Your relatives might want to have your cremains placed in a decorative urn and displayed prominently. You may prefer this option if you don't like the idea of being buried in a traditional plot and you know that certain relatives want you to be "with them" even after you pass away. You can help them choose appropriate urns now if you think this is something they would appreciate.


A surprising way for you to remain a part of your relatives' lives is to allow your cremains to be used in jewelry, particularly diamonds. Special labs create diamonds after a few weeks of keeping cremains in high-pressure conditions. This idea could work especially well if you have multiple relatives and would like to gift each with their own diamond so they can mount it on a ring or necklace.

Rocket Launch

If you have always loved adventure and have the budget, you may be able to have your cremains shot into outer space. There are companies that will place your cremains on a rocket that is launched at a specific time. Some companies allow your relatives to watch the launch so that they can have a short, informal service or pay their respects.

With all these possible ideas, you're better able to figure out what you'd prefer regarding your cremains. Discuss the issue with your family and loved ones, then seek out local cremation professionals so you know you're making the best decision.

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