Commissioning Custom Art That Includes A Loved One's Cremated Remains

Your loved one may have chosen funeral home cremation services upon their death. If you're keen on the idea of your deceased family member's ashes having some staying power, you may favor keeping them in the house instead of scattering them in nature. There are a number of ways to keep the remains in your home, and one option is to commission an artist to mix some of the remains into his or her paint and then paint you a custom piece. [Read More]

4 Tips For Planning A Memorable Memorial Service

If you have been chosen as the individual to plan and host a memorial service for a loved one that has recently passed, you may be feeling overwhelmed. This is an important task and you want to ensure that you do it right. A memorial is the opportunity for all loved ones to say goodbye and honor the individual that they have lost. While you don't have to do the planning alone, here are a few tips that will help you get started on planning a memorial service that will be remembered by all those involved. [Read More]

Leave A Lasting Impression On The Last Place You Leave

The last place your body ever leaves is a funeral home. Funeral homes leave a lasting impression on the living while the deceased leave. For all the funeral homes you will ever enter, what strikes you as the most impressive of funeral homes? Were they light and airy, always smelling of sweetness and spice, and never of death? Did they glow with peace and promise, or were they drab and dreary? [Read More]

How Much Should You Spend On Funeral Services?

Like all things in life, how much you want to spend on a funeral depends on your budget. Everyone wants the funeral of their loved one to be special, but there are a lot of factors to consider, such as: Location The cost of real estate varies depending on city or even neighborhood. You probably didn't consider that a grave is a piece of real estate. The average price of a grave is $1000, not including fees, but depending on the city these costs could be much higher. [Read More]