Know Your Options Before Choosing Funeral Pre-Arrangement Plans

Funeral services can be emotionally and financially draining on a family. Rather than placing this burden on your loved ones, you may want to take charge now and plan out your services for them.

However, you need to be aware of what your options are before you begin putting any services together. You can make the best choice by learning about the funeral pre-arrangement plans that are available to you.

Traditional Funeral Services

A traditional funeral service is perhaps your most readily available choice when you're making funeral pre-arrangement plans. A traditional service typically involves a viewing or wake that is held the afternoon or evening before the actual funeral. The actual service itself can take place at a funeral home or religious house of your choosing.

For this kind of service, you must cover expenses for necessities like a casket, embalming, dressing and transport of your remains, and burial in a cemetery. The burial itself may also require that you buy a vault in which to place the casket. 

A traditional service can be among the pricier funeral pre-arrangement plans that you can choose. If you want this kind of service, you can pre-pay for it now and spare your loved ones this expense after your death.

Cremation Memorial Service

If you want to forgo paying for a traditional service, you could instead opt to be cremated. A cremation memorial service is typically less involved and more affordable than a traditional burial. It can cost thousands of dollars less than the costs involved for a wake, funeral, and burial.

It can also typically be held in a faster timeline than regular funeral services. You can opt to have your remains cremated the same day that you pass away. Your memorial can be held within two to three days later. You provide your family with a faster and more efficient way to say goodbye, and you avoid paying tens of thousands of dollars on your final services.

Finally, you can opt to have no service at all and instead be buried or cremated immediately after you die. Your plans would only include paying for the coroner or funeral home to transport your remains to the crematory or cemetery.

These choices are among the most common funeral pre-arrangement plans available to you. You can choose the one that best suits your preferences and budget. You can therefore spare your family from having to plan your services for you.