3 Questions To Ask When Selecting Funeral Attire For A Departed Loved One

When someone you love passes away and did not have a plan in place for their funeral, you could be left making a lot of decisions on their behalf about the service. One of the decisions that will come up if you have an open casket funeral service is what you would like your departed loved one to wear. This can be a tough decision to make, but it is one that you can make logically with a little advice and direction. Take a look at a few questions to ask yourself to determine what outfit your loved one would've preferred to be displayed in for the funeral service.

Did your loved one ever mention something they would prefer to be buried in?

Talking about the clothing you will wear to your own funeral is often something people do in a lighthearted way. Your loved one may have mentioned in passing that they didn't want to be dressed up or never wanted to wear a tie even to their own funeral. They may have even said they wanted to be buried in a dress because they loved it so much. Try to think back to times when this topic may have been brought up and ask for help from friends and family members if possible.

What clothing will best portray the personality and spirit of your loved one?

Was your loved one a fun-loving person who rarely wore a suit and tie? Did the beloved female who passed exude femininity and enjoy dressing up? Was your loved one a hard blue-collar worker who almost always wore their work uniform? While a funeral is a final sendoff for the deceased, this is also an important part of the grieving process for the living. Therefore, considering what clothing people would expect to see the person wearing is a good way to ensure the outfit is right for the occasion.

Are there spiritual objectives to be considered?

If your loved one was a spiritual person, they may have had unspoken ideas about what they would wear for their own funeral. Some religions prefer to be dressed in certain relative attire. For example, those who practice Buddhism usually believe the deceased should be buried in everyday, informal clothing in light colors. If you are unfamiliar with the religion your loved one practiced, it is worth looking into it a bit to see if there are special considerations that should be involved when choosing their outfit.

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